Online Worship

(Update as of 7/15/2020)

Last week the Bishop and the cabinet (made up of District Superintendents and other conference staff) sent an e-mail to each of the pastors in The North Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church urging us not to meet in person if we are in a red or orange level of risk area (according to Fulton County is in a red risk area according to their model. After discussing this e-mail and its implications, the church council has voted to suspend in-person worship. I am as disappointed as you are that we will not be together in worship right now. It feels…tough from a pastoral perspective, and I know that there are a wide spectrum of feelings about this. Here’s what I can promise: this will not be forever. We will be together again, and it will feel great, just as it did this last Sunday. I can also promise that we are going to do everything that we can to make sure you are connected to this church and its ministries. The church is never closed, my friends, because the church is you and me and the rest of the disciples of Jesus Christ who meet in this special building of ours during normal times. The church is not and will never be closed. Finally, I can promise that we will be as creative as we can be during this time. Now is the time to try some things and see how we can make this time as fun as possible. Some of our ideas may work, and some might flop. And that’s fine. But we’re going to try to incorporate some different elements into our worship experience and try new ways of connecting through distance. And I’m excited to tell you about some of these ideas! But more on that later.

Connection Survey

We made a survey to try to assess how we can best connect with you all for worship during this time. There is a wide variety of technological capability and access in God’s Kingdom, so we want to make sure that we are being as inclusive as possible and offering opportunities to those who need different forms of access to our worship experience. If you could take less than 5 minutes (I promise) and fill out this survey, it would help us to figure out how we can best connect with you. I know there are several members who do not check e-mail, so I will be sending this survey out via physical mail as well to those who do not respond and those who I know that prefer phone or physical mail as their mode of communication with the church. Thanks in advance for your help!